Where's the Wildlife?


Children will hide pictures of wild animals in nature drawings, exchange the drawings, and find the wildlife.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Ask children to work in groups of five. Tell the groups that they will be working together to create large drawings of scenes from nature.
  2. Have each group choose a natural setting (a forest, a seashore or beach, a pond, a single tree, a park, a hiking trail, and so on) to draw. Then have the groups select five animals that might be found in that natural setting. Remind groups to keep their animal selections secret from the other groups.
  3. Next, ask each of the groups to draw a scene from the chosen setting, hiding the five animals somewhere in the picture. Each group member should hide a different animal in the drawing.
  4. When children are finished, have them exchange drawings with other groups. Tell each child to find one of the five animals hidden in the picture. Children should use what they know about the natural setting and the animals typically found there to name the animals.