Compass Tag

Social Studies

Children will play a game using the cardinal directions to locate different objects around the classroom.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Introduce the concept of the cardinal directions and the compass to children, and help them locate north. Let as many children as possible take turns doing so.
  2. When children can easily identify north by pointing in that direction, review how they can find other directions when they know where north is. Have them hold the direction signs and stand in the correct place in relation to north. They will need to know these concepts:
    • South is opposite of north.
    • East is opposite of west.
  3. To play Compass Tag, place the direction signs and pairs of similar objects in different parts of the room. For example, place one board eraser in the north, another in the east. Then ask a player to tag one of them by saying: “Find the eraser in the east.” The player must move to the correct eraser and tag it. Continue until every child has had at least one turn.
  4. Every few turns, remove one sign, until only NORTH is left. Also, rotate the objects so that they are in different positions.

Teaching Options