A Dictionary of Democracy

Language Arts/Social Studies

Students create a dictionary of terms for citizens of a democracy, using events and biographies from both their state's history and U.S. history.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Write some of the following terms on the chalkboard:
    • independence
    • Congress
    • election
    • representative
    • senator
    • governor
    • constitution
    • equal rights
  2. Tell students that they are going to create a “dictionary of democracy” by defining words that are important to good citizenship, such as the ones on the chalkboard. Tell them they will then write a one- or two-paragraph example, or brief, from their nation's or state's history to illustrate the use and meaning of the words. For example, in defining “independence,” they might include the first few lines of the Declaration of Independence or describe how Sam Houston helped Texas gain its independence from Mexico.
  3. With the class, brainstorm to add other words to the list on the board, including words that can be illustrated by examples from state history. Divide the list among the participating students so that each has no more than two. (If it is necessary to have more than one student be responsible for the same term, have them work together to provide more than one brief to support it.)
  4. Students should then write the terms, the dictionary definitions, and the brief neatly on sheets of paper of the same size. Students may also enjoy illustrating their terms. Choose one student to create a durable cover for the dictionary pages, then bind all entries together (in alphabetical order) for the library or classroom.

Teaching Options