Jobs on File

Language Arts/Social Studies

Students gather information, through surveys and interviews, about how people in their community make a living, and then they organize the data.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Students can conduct a jobs survey to learn how people in their community make a living. As a first step, the group will need to develop a questionnaire to interview workers such as family members, neighbors, and school personnel. (Use Job Survey as a sample.)
  2. Have students model sample interviews in class, and then make any necessary changes in their survey. Some students may want to conduct their interviews on tape.
  3. Create a loose-leaf Jobs on File notebook for completed surveys. Then ask students for suggestions on how to organize the data so that it is most useful. For example, they might put all the service jobs together and alphabetize them, and then do the same for jobs involving products. Use tabs or dividers to separate the sections.

Teaching Options