A Web of Workers

Social Studies

Children create a web, emphasizing the interdependence of workers in the community.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Explain to children that for every worker there are other workers on whose services that worker depends. Begin by using a school worker other than yourself as an example, such as a school bus driver or sports coach. Print the word “Services” on the chalkboard, then draw a circle below it and print “School Bus Driver” in the center. Add to the web by including other workers whose services are necessary to the bus driver's work—for example, the mechanic who makes sure the bus runs correctly, the person who plans the bus routes, and so forth.
  2. Ask children to think of other people whose services are related to the worker's job. Add their suggestions to the web.
  3. Next create a “Products” web showing products that the worker in your web might use, such as books, tools, computer software, or a telephone. Explain that many other workers are needed to make these products.

Teaching Options