Sales Support FAQ

Houghton Mifflin Company
Sales Support Center
13400 Midway Road
Dallas, TX 75244-5165

1. What is the best way to contact the Sales Support Center?

Please complete the Sales Support Contact Form for any of the following requests:

  • Request a print catalog
  • Request product information
  • Request a product correlation
  • Request Guided Reading Level information
  • Request a sample product
  • Request a presentation or in-service visit

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2. How do I request examination copies?

Requests for examination copies of books being considered for class use should be sent to the Sales Support Center on school letterhead and include the requester's current position, expected enrollment of the course in question, and approximate date of purchase decision. Please fax written requests to (877) 806-8019 or via post to:

Sales Service Center
13400 Midway Road
Dallas, TX 75244-5165

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3. How do I inquire about International Sales?

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