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Local Hero
Ages 9 to 12
Celebrate a local hero in your family or neighborhood.

What You Need
Local Hero Medal

  • Family photo albums, scrapbooks, or video recordings of family events
  • Art supplies for making invitations (optional) or some kind of award
  • Camera for documenting the celebration

What to Do

Heroes come in all sizes, shapes, and ages. A heroic act can be something as simple as rescuing a kitten from a tree to walking on the moon. Perhaps there is someone in your family, neighborhood, or community who has done something worthy of recognition, even celebration.

  1. First sit down and draw up a list of eligible heroes. Start with the people in your immediate family and go from there. This would be a good time to get out the family photo albums or scrapbooks to help you recall special times and special people.
  2. Once you have your list, select just one individual. Decide what makes this person heroic. Discuss outstanding positive qualities in this person's nature.
  3. Plan a celebration in honor of your local hero. Throw a party, for example. Create an original invitation. Then decide whom you will invite and what you will serve. If you choose to give your hero some kind of award, figure out how you will make it and who will present it.
  4. For the actual celebration, plan activities for the entire family. For instance, have one person write up a brief biography of your local hero, including the specific actions or deeds you have decided to celebrate. Pick someone else to read aloud this biography once the guests have gathered.
  5. Invite other family members to tell true stories about your hero that also capture the unique qualities of this person's character.
  6. Finally, present your local hero with the award or symbol of recognition you have agreed upon.
  7. If possible, take photos or make a video recording of the celebration to share with friends and relatives.

What Else You Can Do

  • Your town or community might have monuments to heroes from the past. If possible, plan a family outing to such a place. Who are these heroes? What did they do? Why are they remembered today? What qualities do they share with the person whom you celebrated at home?

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