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Giggle Break!
Ages 5 to 8
Take a giggle break for a good laugh.

What You Need

  • Age-appropriate joke books and magazines
  • A box or hat

What to Do

  1. Tell a few different kinds of jokes to set the mood.
  2. Tell your favorite joke, riddle, or funny story. If you need inspiration and ideas, use the joke books and magazines.
  3. Write favorite jokes on slips of paper.
  4. Over a period of several days, during dinner, pull a joke out of a hat or box and enjoy the laughter.

What Else You Can Do

  • Record the jokes and share them with friends and relatives.
  • Make a family joke book. For each page of the book, show a picture of a family member and surround the picture with their favorite jokes. Decorate the cover with funny drawings.

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