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Pass It On

Rescue toys from the trash and use recyclables to turn them into new toys.

What You Need


What to Do

  1. Suppose you had a game of checkers with some pieces missing. How could you replace the missing checkers? Perhaps you could use bottle tops or buttons as checkers. Using household items to replace missing parts can save a toy and reduce waste.
  2. Choose a toy to rescue. Identify the toy's missing or broken parts. Look through the recyclable items you collected. Try to find items that have the same shape, size, or color as the missing parts. You can also use parts from another toy or game that has missing pieces. Maybe you'll invent a brand new game!
  3. Use glue, yarn, or staples if you need to attach pieces to your toy. If you like, decorate the toy with crayons and paints. Reuse your toy and pass it on for a friend to enjoy.

What Else You Can Do