Houghton Mifflin English



By Anthony L.

One day my teacher said I could bring anything I wanted to show my class. I chose my dog Alfie. My aunty and uncle moved in a week ago. Alfie is their dog.

Alfie is a Chihuahua. He is short with short light tan fur. He is round because he's overweight. His face always looks happy, and his eyes are light brown.

Alfie likes to eat a lot of dog food. I give him milk bone every day. He likes the milk bones. I give him one cup of water every day, too.

I chose Alfie because I think he is the cutest thing in my house and because he doesn't bite. He'll only sniff you a little, and if he doesn't like your smell, he will just bark. When I bring him in, I think he'll sniff everyone, and I hope he doesn't bark. I think he will want to sit on the carpet so he can go to sleep.

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