Houghton Mifflin English

Personal Narrative

In Maine

By Abby D.

My grandparents live in Maine. I go there every summer.

Sometimes I go swimming. Where we go swimming there are two docks. There is one right next to land, and there is one dock a couple of feet away in deep water. You can jump off it.


One day I went to the dock with my dad because I could not swim. I got up on the dock and I was backing up to jump into my mom's arms and I fell off the dock.

My dad came jumping after me. I was scared! Then I found the dock and pulled myself up.

At night sometimes we have lemonade parties. When we have lemonade parties, we take lemonade outside and talk about our day and stuff like that.

Where we have our parties, there is a rock shaped like a square. Near it there is a hammock that you can rest on. There are ledges that you can climb on. Where I climb on the ledges, there are bridges made out of logs. You have to balance on the logs.

We also go blueberry picking. If we pick enough blueberries, my grandmother LeeLee can make blueberry jam. My grandfather can make blueberry cobbler.

We go mountain climbing, too. I climbed Mount Sabattus and Mount Blueberry. We usually have lunch there. It is really fun.

I love to visit my grandparents!

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