Houghton Mifflin English

Personal Narrative

I Got a New Dog

By Jamie R.

We went to Rhode Island to get a new dog. We went in a car. When we got there, we met the owner. Her name was MeMe. She owns Portuguese water dogs.


There were two dogs named Zack and Zorro. Zack was going to be my dog. He was a boy. We named him Shadow because he was black. I love Shadow. He is very soft. He was so small that my dad could pick him up with one hand.

On the way back home, Shadow sat on my mom's lap. My brother, Steven, and I wanted Shadow to sit with us, but Mom said, “He is too little to sit with ”

I said, “Okay, I wish I could hold him. It must be ”

Right when we got home, I said, “Come, Shadow,” and he did on his first time. I said, “I love you, Shadow. You are going to be the best, Shadow. Hello, Shadow. Good boy. I love you, Shadow!”

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