Bunches of Balloons


line drawing of 27 balloons to be colored in

Luis, Jake, Maddy, and Sasha won lots of balloons at the fair.

  • Luis won 4 red balloons.
    He won 3 yellow balloons.

  • Maddy won 2 purple balloons.
    She got 1 more yellow balloon than Luis did.
  • Sasha won 2 green balloons.
    She got 1 more red balloon than Luis did.

  • Jake won 2 more green balloons than Sasha did.
    He won 1 more purple balloon than Maddy did.

How many balloons of each color did they win?

Red write nubmer here
Yellow write nubmer here
Purple write nubmer here
Green write nubmer here

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 1