Team Tales


This is one way to solve the Brain Teaser.

Team Won Lost
Bobcats     Graphic of a bobcat. 5 5
Cheetahs    Graphic of a cheetah. 2 8
Lions          Graphic of a lion. 7 3
Panthers     Graphic of a panther. 6 4
Tigers         Graphic of a tiger. 5 5


  • Look at the graph. Only 2 teams won the same number of games. The clue says they are the Tigers and the Bobcats. Each won 5 games. The clue says they played 10 games.
    Subtract: 10 − 5 = 5

  • The other 3 teams are left. Of those, which one has won just 1 more game than another? One team won 7 games, and the other team won 6 games. They must be the Lions and the Panthers.

  • One team is left. That team has won 2 games. It must be the Cheetahs.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 2