Big Brownies


Brenda ate one-fourth of her brownie.
Craig ate 1/6 of his brownie.
Jon ate one half of his brownie.
Matt ate two-fourths of his brownie.
Tommy ate three-fourths of his brownie.



Using the Clues

Make a chart with the fractions of brownies eaten shown in order from least to greatest.

  1/6 one-fourth one half two-fourths three-fourths
Brenda   X      
Craig X        
Jon     X X  
Matt     X X  
Tommy         X


Jon ate the same amount as Matt.

The two amounts that are the same are one half and two-fourths.

We can't tell yet which person ate which of these two amounts.


Tommy ate more than Matt did.

The only amount more than one half or two-fourths is three-fourths.

So Tommy must have eaten three-fourths of his brownie.


Brenda ate more than Craig ate.

The only amounts left are one-fourth and 1/6.

One fourth is greater than 1/6.

So Brenda must have eaten one-fourth of her brownie.

Craig must have eaten 1/6 of his brownie.


Matt's brownie was cut into more pieces than Jon's.

Matt must have eaten two-fourths, because that brownie was cut into 4 pieces.

Jon must have eaten one half, because that brownie was cut into 2 pieces.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 2