Silly Spring


Thermometer showing 54°F. Thermometer showing 74°F. Thermometer showing 46°F. Thermometer showing 68°F. Thermometer showing 82°F.
54°F 74°F 46°F 68°F 82°F

The weather in New England can change a lot. One week in the spring, Mimi checked the outside temperature at noon every school day.

  • On Monday the temperature was the highest of the week.
  • On Tuesday the temperature was in the fifties.
  • On Wednesday the temperature dropped to the lowest of the week.
  • The temperature went up on Thursday, but not as high as it was on Friday.

Read the thermometers. What was the temperature each day?

Monday write temperature here °F
Tuesday write temperature here °F
Wednesday write temperature here °F
Thursday write temperature here °F
Friday write temperature here °F

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 2