Mystery Measure


Jayla: carrot
Travone: pencil
Connor: football field
Sandy: wheelbarrow


  1. Both a carrot and a pencil could be about 7 inches long.
    Both Jayla and Travone are thinking of objects about 7 inches long.
  2. Jayla's object must be the carrot. Since Travone is not thinking of a food, Jayla must have the 7-inch object that is food.
  3. Travone's object must be the pencil. It is 7 inches long but is not food.
  4. A football field is very big. It is probably 100 yards long. That must be Connor's object.
  5. The only object left is the wheelbarrow. Check that the clue fits the wheelbarrow. Yes, a wheelbarrow is bigger than a pencil but shorter than a football field.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 3