Party Platter


Food Items and Amounts
Item Amount
Cheese slices 3.02 pounds
Chicken salad 1.5 pounds
Egg salad 2.75 pounds
Ham slices 2.75 pounds
Hot dogs 4.4 pounds
Macaroni salad 2.5 pounds
Potato salad 4 pounds
Sausages 2.37 pounds
Sliced roast beef 2.8 pounds
Turkey slices 2.38 pounds

Party plans are in the works. Anna, Garrett, Shakira, and Tika each bought 2 items from the above list for the party. Not everything on the list was purchased. No two people bought the same thing.

  • Anna bought sliced cheese and 1 of the sliced meats. The sliced meat was the meat that was the greatest amount of all the sliced meats on the list.
  • Shakira bought meat, but none of it was sliced. The two meats she bought were the same shape.
  • Garrett bought sliced meat, but it was different from the meat that Anna bought.
  • Tika bought two salads. The potato salad she bought was 1one-half pounds more than the other salad she bought.

What were the two items each person bought?

How much did they purchase of each item?

And what was the total weight of the items for each person?

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 5