Party Platter


Anna bought 3.02 pounds of cheese
2.8 pounds of roast beef
5.82 pounds total for Anna
Shakira bought 2.37 pounds of sausage
4.4 pounds of hot dogs
6.77 pounds total for Shakira
Garrett bought 2.38 pounds of turkey slices
2.75 pounds of ham slices
5.13 pounds total for Garrett
Tika bought 4.0 pounds of potato salad
2.5 pounds of macaroni salad
6.5 pounds total for Tika

Another way to show the information is in a chart like this:

Name      Anna Shakira Garrett Tika
Food Weight Food Weight Food Weight Food Weight
Food 1 Cheese 3.02 lb Sausage 2.37 lb Turkey Slices 2.38 lb Potato Salad 4.0 lb
Food 2 Roast Beef 2.8 lb Hot Dog 4.4 lb Ham Slices 2.75 lb Macaroni Salad 2.5 lb
Total 5.82 lb 6.77 lb 5.13 lb 6.5 lb


Step 1

Use the clues to find what each person bought.
Make a chart to keep track of the information.

Name      Anna Shakira Garrett Tika
Food Weight Food Weight Food Weight Food Weight
Food 1
Food 2

First Clue:

Anna bought sliced cheese and the sliced meat that has the greatest weight of all the sliced meats on the list.

List the sliced meats. Then circle the one with the greatest weight.

  • Ham slices 2.75 pounds
  • Sliced roast beef 2.8 pounds
  • Turkey slices 2.38 pounds

Remember: 2.8 = 2.80, so 2.8 is greater than 2.75 and 2.38

Anna purchased sliced cheese and sliced roast beef.

Second Clue:

  • Shakira bought meat, but none of it was sliced. The two meats she bought were the same shape.

Look at the list. Which meats do not come sliced?
Hot dogs and sausages do not come sliced.
Shakira bought hot dogs and sausages.

Third Clue:

  • Garrett bought sliced meat, but it was different from the meat that Anna bought.

There are 3 kinds of sliced meat. Since Anna bought roast beef, then Garrett must have purchased the ham slices and turkey slices.

Fourth Clue:

  • Tika bought two salads. The potato salad she bought was 1.5 pounds more than the other salad she bought.
4.0 = the weight of the potato salad
1.5 = the amount of weight less
2.5 = the amount of weight of the other salad

Look at the chart. Which salad weighs 2.5 pounds? Macaroni salad weighs 2.5 pounds.

Tika bought potato salad and macaroni salad.

Step 2

Write a number sentence to add the weights for each person; then add.

Anna Shakira Garrett Tika
3.02 pounds
+ 2.8   pounds
2.37 pounds
+ 4.4   pounds
6.77 pounds
2.38 pounds
+ 2.75 pounds
5.13 pounds
4.0 pounds
+ 2.5 pounds
6.5 pounds

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 5