Pie Pieces


Four pies: blueberry, apple, peach and chocolate

Mrs. Hopkins made four different pies for the fair. Each pie was the same size. At the fair, she cut the blueberry pie into 6 equal slices, the apple pie into 5 equal slices, the peach pie into 3 equal slices, and the chocolate pie into 4 equal slices.

Alyssa, Dalton, Rowan, and Shane each bought one slice of pie but ate only a portion of that slice. Each chose a different kind of pie.

  • Alyssa bought the largest slice available and ate one-fourth of it.
  • Dalton bought the smallest slice available and ate three-fourths of it.
  • The slice Rowan bought was bigger than the slice Shane bought. Rowan ate one-half of his slice.
  • Shane ate two-thirds of his slice.

What kind of pie did each person choose?
What fraction of the total pie did each person eat? Simplify the fractions in the answer.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 5