Frigid Forecast


Monday: +7°F
Tuesday: +22°F
Wednesday: +2°F
Thursday: -5°F
Friday: -4°F
Saturday: +1°F


  1. Tuesday was the warmest day of the week, but still was only 10 degrees below freezing.
    Freezing is 32° Fahrenheit.
    32°F − 10°F = 22° F
    Tuesday's temperature was 22° F.

    That was 15°F warmer than the day before.
    Tuesday was 15°F warmer than Monday.
    Monday's temperature + 15°F = Tuesday's temperature.
    Subtract 15°F from Tuesday's temperature to find the warmer temperature for Monday:
    22°F − 15°F = +7°F
    Monday's temperature was +7°F.

  2. On Wednesday the temperature was 5°F colder than on Monday.
    Start with Monday's temperature and subtract: +7°F − 5°F = +2°F
    Wednesday was +2°F.
  3. Thursday was even 1°F colder than Friday.
    Skip this clue now and find out Friday's temperature.
  4. Friday's temperature was 6°F below Wednesday's.
    Wednesday's temperature was +2°F.
    Subtract: +2°F − 6°F = -4°F
  5. Now go back to find Thursday's temperature:
    Friday's temperature was 4°F.
    Thursday was 1°F colder than Friday.
    So, subtract:
    -4°F − 1°F = -5°F
    Thursday's temperature was -5°F.
  6. It was 5°F warmer on Saturday than on Friday.
    Friday's temperature plus the increase: 4°F + 5°F:
    -4°F + 5°F = +1°F
    Saturday's temperature was +1°F.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 5