Quiz Question


Avi, Caleb, Rosa, Sonya, and Zamir compared recent quiz scores and learned that some of their quizzes differed in the number of questions.

  • Zamir answered .75 of the 40 questions on his test correctly.
  • Caleb answered 12 fewer questions correctly than Zamir, but he had only 25 questions on his test.
  • Caleb and Rosa had the same number of quiz questions, but Rosa solved 1 more question correctly than Caleb.
  • Avi had 7 more correct responses than Zamir, but had 10 more questions to answer on her test than he had.
  • Sonya answered 3 times as many questions correctly as Caleb, but had 75 questions on her test.

What was the percentage score for each of the students?

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 6