Lemonade Lovers


Mia and Tia will use 2 packages of mix to make 4 pitchers of lemonade. At the end of the week the pitcher will be one-fourth filled with lemonade.


Step 1

Mia and Tia drank three quarters of a full pitcher on Monday.
one-fourth pitcher + one-fourth pitcher = three-fourths pitcher
Each day of the week, they will drink the same quantity.

Step 2

In five days Mia and Tia will drink 5 x three-fourths pitcher, or 3 three-fourths pitchers.
5 x three-fourths = fifteen-fourths
fifteen-fourths = 3 three-fourths

Step 3

The least amount of lemonade they must prepare is 4 pitchers. (3 pitchers is not enough.)

Step 4

If one-half package produces 1 full pitcher, then 1 package produces 2 pitchers.
To make 4 pitchers of lemonade, they need 2 packages of lemonade mix.

Step 5

They will make 4 pitchers of lemonade, but drink 3 three-fourths pitchers.
To find out how much lemonade will be left:
4 − 3three-fourths
At the end of the week, one-fourth pitcher of lemonade will be left.

These diagrams may help you to solve this Brain Teaser.

A data table

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 6