Landscape Locations


graph with Kelsey's Garden

Nadia, Brandon, Kelsey, Sophia, and Miguel have designed a garden landscape and each is digging his or her own garden. Kelsey has already dug her garden, DEFG. The coordinates of its vertices are: D (+5,+7), E (+9,+7), F (+8,+2), G (+6,+2).

  • Nadia's garden is a right triangle, triangleABC.
  • The right angle of her garden is 4 units left of vertex G of Kelsey's garden.
  • Vertex A of Nadia's garden is up 5 units from the right angle.
  • Vertex B of Nadia's garden is right 3 units from the right angle.
  • Brandon's garden is a reflection of Kelsey's garden across the x-axis. It is labeled MNOP.
  • Sophia's garden is a reflection of Nadia's garden across the y-axis. It is labeled triangleJKL.
  • Miguel's garden is a translation of Nadia's garden 6 units to the left and 9 units down. It is labeled triangleXYZ.

What are the coordinates of each person's garden?
On the grid, draw each garden labeled with its coordinates and each person's name.

Houghton Mifflin Math Grade 6