Lesson 2.3: Social Studies Connection

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This Tree House Is Tops!

Tree houses are great places for children to play. But children who use wheelchairs cannot get up into tree houses. Bill Allen wanted to change that.

Allen built a special tree house in Vermont. It is 10 feet above the ground, and any child can get up to it. Instead of a ladder, there is a long, winding ramp.

The tree house looks like a fort. It is built around 21 trees. It has a roof, screens for windows, and electricity. If children in wheelchairs come up to this tree house, they can stay for the night. They can hear the sounds of the forest before they fall sleep in their bunk beds high off the ground.

Word Wise

Chair on wheels used by people who cannot walk: Jake can move in his wheelchair as fast as I can run.

A sloping walkway that connects a low place to a high place: The ramp goes from the ground to the tree house.

A building that is protected from harm: The fort was surrounded by many high walls.

bunk bed:
Bed that is attached to a wall, often stacked one on top of another: Bunk beds take up less space than other beds do.

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A compound word is a word made up of two words. For example, the word wheelchair is made up of the words wheel and chair. Here are some other examples of compound words.

  • mailbox
  • racecar
  • farmhouse

Use the list of words below to create compound words. Write definitions for your words. Use your imagination to create words. Then, check the dictionary to see if your words and definitions are correct.

  • shoe
  • light
  • mail
  • box
  • house
  • man

data hunt

Design a Tree House

Draw a design for a tree house. Remember to include a door, windows, a ladder, rope or stairs, and the tree itself in your design.

Write the following lengths on your design.

  • height of the tree
  • height of tree house
  • height of window
  • height of door
  • height from the ground to the top of the tree house