Lesson 3.4: Science Connection

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Bird Zzzzzongs

What do birds and people have in common? Dreaming, scientists say. People often dream of events that happened during the day. Scientists say birds dream about singing.

Scientists attached a special device to the head of a bird called a zebra finch. Scientists watched how the bird's brain acted while it was singing. Then they watched how the bird's brain behaved while it slept. The bird's brain acted the same way!

Scientists say zebra finches probably dream about singing in order to remember their songs.

Word Wise

in common:
the same; shared: Twins have many things in common.

gadget or tool: The paper clip is a useful device.

To act in a certain way: Because she behaved well during the summer, Maura's parents let her paint her bedroom purple.

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Write a short story or poem using each of the Word Wise words listed above. Draw a picture to go with your story.

Data Hunt

5 zebra finches, 2 of them singing

There are 5 zebra finches. Two of the birds are singing. Write the following questions on a piece of paper. Write the answers next to the questions.

  • How many zebra finches are there?
  • How many of the zebra finches are singing?
  • How many of the zebra finches are not singing?
  • Write this as a math sentence.