Lesson 8.5: Art Connection

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Sand Shapes

When we think of sculptures, we often think of figures made of clay, metal, or stone. Did you know that you can create beautiful sculptures with sand?

Sand sculptors work with sand, water, and a few tools to build figures out of sand. A team of sculptors may work all day to make a sand sculpture. They might make a whale or a tiger. Some teams have made characters from books. Making a sand sculpture can take many hours. At the end of the day, the team looks at their finished work. They take pictures of the sculpture. Many people walk by and look at what the sculptors have done. In a few hours, the tide comes in and washes their work away!

Word Wise

Shapes and designs made from wood, stone, metal, clay, and other materials: I built a sculpture of an eagle out of clay.

A shape or form: The figure she drew looks like a dog.

An artist who makes sculptures: The sculptor made a large statue out of wax.

The regular rising and falling of the level of the oceans: When the tide is low, we like to lay out on the sand.

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A sculptor is an artist who creates sculptures. What other kinds of artists do you know of? What kinds of art do these artists create? Look at the words in the box below. Each of these words names a type of artist. What type of art do you think each artist makes? Write your guesses on a piece of paper.

  • painter
  • illustrator
  • composer
  • artisan

Look up each word in a dictionary. Write the words and their definitions. Were your guesses correct?

Data Hunt

Imagine that you are a sculptor. Create a design for your sculpture, using everyday shapes.

First, choose an everyday object that you would like to make. You might choose a chair, a book, a computer, a pint of milk, or any other object.

Use the following shapes to create your design. If you have blocks in these shapes, you could use them to help you create your design.

  • cube cube
  • square pyramid square pyramid
  • cylinder cylinder
  • rectangular prism rectangular prism
  • cone cone