Lesson 13.6: Science Connection

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Best Friends

Alexa and Sahara are best friends. But they are not like most pals. Alexa is a dog, and Sahara is a kind of big cat called a cheetah.

Alexa and Sahara grew up together in the Cincinnati Zoo. The zoo wants people to see how different kinds of animals can get along. It also wants people to know how dogs help cheetahs that live in the wild in Africa.

Cheetahs sometimes come to farms in Africa to hunt farm animals. Dogs like Alexa live on the farms. The dogs chase the cheetahs away from the farm animals by barking. The dogs do not hurt the cheetahs. If the dogs did not chase the cheetahs away, farmers might shoot them.

Keeping cheetahs safe is important. That's because there are few cheetahs left in the wild. Cheetahs are endangered. Farmers are allowed to kill cheetahs to save their animals. Hunters kill cheetahs for their fur. Builders clear the land on which cheetahs live.

Some people are working to save cheetahs. They are trying to protect cheetahs where they live in the wild.

Word Wise

A big, spotted cat with long legs from Africa and Asia: The cheetah can run faster than any other animal.

An area in a natural state: Animals that live in the wild must find their own food.

To search carefully: Please help me hunt for my favorite pen.

In danger of dying out: The panda is an endangered animal from China.

To keep safe from harm: Mother cheetahs protect their cubs from other animals.

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Get a sheet of writing paper. Or, get a new page on your computer.

Pretend you are Alexa. Write what you would like to say to Sahara. Write what Sahara might say to you. Use some of the vocabulary words in your sentences.

Then draw a picture of Alexa and Sahara.

Data Hunt

Animal Speeds Quiz
The article talks about cheetahs. Cheetahs are the fastest animals in the world. Cheetahs live in the wild. They are too big to be kept as pets.

What do you think is the fastest pet? What pet is the slowest? Answer questions about pet speed in the Animal Speeds Quiz.