Lesson 14.3: Social Studies Connection

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Do Cents Make Sense?

Jim Kolbe, a government leader from Arizona, wanted to get rid of all pennies. He said the penny has no real value. It costs almost a penny to make a penny. Kolbe said that by not using pennies the country would save time and money!

Americans were asked what they thought. Most people said they did not want to discontinue the penny. Without pennies, how could they pay for something that costs 48¢? What coins would they use?

Word Wise

The group of people who rule a country: The President is the head of the government.

What something is worth: The value of a penny is one cent.

To stop making or producing: I could not order parts for my broken toy. The factory had discontinued it.

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Many words begin with dis-, which means not. The word continue means to keep on. So to discontinue means to not keep on, or to stop. Write these dis- words on a sheet of paper. Write a sentence using each one.

  1. disappear
  2. dislike
  3. disagree

Data Hunt

Do Cents Make Sense? Quiz
Imagine that you are shopping at a store that does not take pennies. Which coins would you use to pay for your merchandise? Take the Do Cents Make Sense? Quiz to find out.