Lesson 22.3: Science Connection

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The Solar System

Our solar system

Earth is the planet on which we live. Nine planets move around the Sun. Each planet moves in its own path. The Sun and the planets are part of the solar system.

Word Wise

A large body that moves in a path around a star, like the Sun: Earth is the third planet from the Sun.

The star around which the planets move: The Sun is the star closest to Earth.

solar system:
The Sun, the nine planets, and other objects that move around the Sun: Moons, comets, and asteroids are all part of the solar system.

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Pretend you could go into outer space. How would you travel? What do you think you would see? Write a story about your trip. Use some words from the list below.

  • planet
  • Sun
  • solar system
  • moon
  • star

Data Hunt

All the planets are very far from the Sun. The planets farthest from the Sun take many years to make one trip around it. The planets closer to the Sun take less time to make one trip.

Days to Make One Trip Around the Sun

Planet Days
Mercury 88
Venus 225
Earth 365
Mars 687

Solar System Quiz
Use the information in the chart to answer the questions in the Solar System Quiz.