Lesson 5.4: Social Studies Connection

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Saving Mount Rushmore

Pictures of four U.S. Presidents are carved into Mount Rushmore. The mountain is made up of a kind of rock called granite. Sadly, rain and wind are causing the granite to erode, or slowly wear away.

Geologists tried to help Mount Rushmore. They used cable wire and sensors. The cable wire holds the rock together. The sensors are on the side of President Washington's head, on the top of President Roosevelt's head, and on President Lincoln's face. The sensors record the temperature of the rock. They record any movements in the rock.

Mount Rushmore has many cracks, but it is not likely to break apart immediately. Most geologists say that all mountains move and erode a bit. Maybe Mount Rushmore is a lot like other mountains. We just worry about it more than the others!

Word Wise

To slowly wear away: Over the past several years, the wind and rain caused the shoreline to erode.

Scientist who studies rocks and the layers of the earth: A geologist can tell how long ago a rock was formed.

Device that measures and records heat, light, sound, and motion: If someone comes to our door, a sensor above the door turns on a light.

Happening at once or very soon: When the teacher asks you a question, he wants you to answer immediately.

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The word scientist ends with the letters -ist. You have learned that geologist is a special name for one kind of scientist. There are special names for other kinds of scientists too.

Look at the box below. Each word in a box names a kind of scientist. Copy and complete the sentences below using the words in the box.

  • biologist
  • chemist
  • geologist
  • physicist
  1. A scientist who studies geology is called a: blank.
  2. A scientist who studies biology is called a: blank.
  3. A scientist who studies chemistry is called a: blank.
  4. A scientist who studies physics is called a: blank.

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