Lesson 19.4: Science Connection

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Going Buggy!

Many people hate bugs. They can't stand having bugs crawl or fly near them. But some people find bugs fascinating, even tasty!

Each year, the Great Insect Fair is held in the town of State College, Pennsylvania. Thousands of people come to the fair. They look at bugs, touch bugs, and even eat bugs.

Dorothy Blair is a nutrition expert. She says the fair teaches visitors that insects are a source of healthful food for people in some other countries.

Visitors to the fair can munch on fried mealworms and cooked wax-moth larvae. Chocolate-covered crickets, called Chocolate Chirpies, are a favorite. “Last year, we ran out of Chocolate Chirpies. We had to make more of them this year, about 6,000 in all,” Blair said.

Many of the fair's visitors are children. Emily Paulson, age 7, played with a millipede at the fair. She held in on her arm and said, “It's sort of like a comb crawling up your arm. It's neat!”

Word Wise

Very interesting or hard to turn away from: The fireworks in the sky were fascinating.

Having to do with food that gives people energy and helps them grow: The food pyramid shows which foods to eat for good nutrition.

To chew continually, while making a crunching sound: I like to munch pretzels as an after-school snack.

Worm-like baby insects (plural form of larva): Moth larvae are called caterpillars.

Bug with a worm-like body and many legs: We saw a millipede crawl out from under a rock.

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You have learned that the word munch has to do with eating. Make a word web. Write the word EAT on the center of a piece of paper and draw a box around it. Find words that are related to the word eat. Write them in the boxes around the center circle. How many of these words can you find? You may use a thesaurus to help you.

Data Hunt


You may think that eating insects is icky. But one of your favorite things to eat may be something that only insects can make: honey.

Honey can be made only by honeybees. The bees collect sweet nectar from flowers. They mix the nectar with a certain chemical in their bodies. This turns the nectar into honey.

Here is a recipe for a sweet snack.

Honey Spread

  • one-third cup honey
  • two-fourths cup powdered milk
  • two-fourths cup peanut butter
  • one-fourth cup sunflower seeds (or other nuts or raisins)

Measure each ingredient. Then mix everything together. Spread the mixture on crackers or dip pretzels into it.

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