Unit 3: Science Connection

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asteroid chart

The chart shows the amount of time it takes for six asteroids to orbit the sun. It also shows the radius of those asteroids and when they were discovered.

Word Wise

To move around an object: The earth orbits the sun.

The distance between the center of a shape, and its surface.
radius art

Any of several natural objects that orbits the sun.
asteroid art

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Write a one-page report about one of the asteroids in the chart. You may look online or in an encyclopedia for more information. Be sure to answer the following questions in your report.

  • How big is the asteroid? What is its radius?
  • Who discovered the asteroid? When was it discovered?
  • What does the asteroid's name mean?

Be sure to use each of the vocabulary words in your report.

Data Hunt

Asteroids Quiz
Use the chart to answer questions in the Asteroids Quiz.