Lesson 7.7: Real-World Connection

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Pizza With Pizzazz

Joe Carlucci hopes to one day become the Michael Jordan of pizza-tossing. Carlucci can toss pizza dough high in the air, behind his back, between his legs, and while lying down.

When Carlucci really wants to impress people, he catches the pizza dough over his shoulder—with his eyes closed.

Carlucci isn't any ordinary pizza chef. He has competed with the United States Pizza Team at culinary competitions throughout the country and Italy. He has won many awards over the years including the Silver Medal “Team Acrobatic,” Gold Medal “Team Acrobatic,” and U.S. Pizza Champion “Freestyle Acrobatic.”

The World Pizza Championship, held each year in Italy, draws 80 teams from all around the world. Carlucci performed a two- to four-minute dough-tossing routine set to music. He also entered in the dough-stretching competition and the gourmet pizza contest, where he made a special boot-shaped pizza in honor of Italy.

Carlucci mastered his pizza-tossing skills while working 12-hour days at his Italian restaurant, Carlucci's, in Bethel, Connecticut. When his last customer had left for the evening, Carlucci locked the doors and headed straight to the kitchen. Instead of making something to eat, he tossed pizza dough late into the night.

“It wasn't fun,” he said. “I burned myself on my oven. I hit my head on a table. I fell. But I kept doing it every night, and it finally started to click. I wanted to come home from Italy number one in the world,” Carlucci said.

Word Wise

A regular course of procedure: Every day after school, Lin has the same routine which includes playing soccer, doing homework, eating dinner, and finally going to bed.

Food involving high-quality or exotic ingredients and skilled preparation: The specialty market only sells gourmet food items.

To gain a thorough understanding of: After studying his vocabulary words for days, Dan mastered them.

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The word dough has multiple meanings:
dough: a mixture that consists of flour and water
dough: money

Make a list of other words or phrases you can think of that have multiple meanings. You may use a thesaurus to help you.

Data Hunt

Main Street Market
broccoli bunch 1 for $1.00
mushrooms 4 for $1.00
peppers 2 for $1.00
tomatoes 3 for $1.00

Imagine that you are shopping for ingredients to make a veggie pizza. In the chart are prices of popular vegetables used for pizza toppings. Answer the questions below using information from the chart.

  1. How much would 7 peppers cost?
  2. What is the exact price for one tomato?
  3. The local farm stand sells 4 tomatoes for a dollar. How much money would you save if you bought 6 tomatoes at the farm stand?
  4. If mushrooms go on sale at 5 for a dollar, how much money would you save if you bought 12 mushrooms at the sale price?