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Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 2, Theme 2: Nature Walk: Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night
Mystery Grid

A picture is lost in the dots. What is it? To find out, print this page. Then follow the steps below the dots.

[Mystery Grid Puzzle]

Draw lines to connect these dots.
E6 to B4
B4 to A3
A3 to B2
B2 to C2
C2 to F5
F5 to E6
E6 to E7
E7 to B8
B8 to A9
A9 to A10
A10 to B11
B11 to D10
D10 to F8
F8 to F7
F7 to E7
E9 to E10
E10 to F11
F11 to H10
H10 to I9
I9 to J7
J7 to I5
I5 to J4
J4 to I2
I2 to G2
G2 to F3
F3 to F5

What did you draw? Name it here.  ___________________________

Now color your picture!

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