Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 2, Theme 4: Amazing Animals: Officer Buckle and Gloria
Crossword Puzzle


1. A big _________ at Napville School started with a puddle of banana pudding.

3. The students jumped up and _________ after Officer Buckle's videotaped speech.

5. Officer Buckle received an _________ envelope stuffed with thank-you letters.

7. One of Officer Buckle's tips was to never stand on a _________ chair.


1. The _________ roared as they watched Gloria's actions on stage.

2. The children showed a lot of _________ in the drawings they sent to Officer Buckle.

4. By sitting on a thumbtack, Officer Buckle _________ a new safety tip.

6. Gloria helped Officer Buckle give his speeches on _________.

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