Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 3, Theme 5: Voyagers:
Across the Wide Dark Sea
Build a Model of the Mayflower

Build your own paper sailing ship! You will need these things:

  • a pattern for the ship
  • colored markers, colored pencils, or crayons
  • four craft sticks
  • scissors
  • glue
  • modeling clay

First, print out the pattern for the sailing ship.
Click here for the pattern.

Then follow these directions.

  1. Form the ship's mainmast by gluing two craft sticks together. Let the glue dry.
  2. Color the hull and cut it out. Use the heavy lines as guides. Then shape the hull by folding along the dotted lines. Glue the hull shape together at the tabs.
  3. If you wish, color the sails. Then cut them out. Glue the two mainmast sails to the two craft sticks you glued together. Glue the two foremast sails to the third craft stick. Glue the mizzenmast sail to the last craft stick.
  4. Shape a piece of modeling clay to fill the inside of the hull. Smooth the top of the clay to form the ship's deck. Put the deck into the hull. Push the sticks into the deck. Be sure to put the masts in the right order, from front to back. Your ship is now ready to set sail!

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