Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 3, Theme 5: Voyages:
Yunmi and Halmoni's Trip
Crossword Puzzle Clues

Use these clues to complete the puzzle. You may print the clues if you wish.


1. We made balls of dough and boiled the ________ with the chicken.

3. said suddenly without thinking

6. This word tells how you feel when you are sorry for doing something wrong.

8. Big cities often have many of these tall buildings.

10. The meat was ________ in a spicy sauce before it was grilled.

11. people who are in charge of government departments


2. Many women carried ________ to shade them from the sun.

3. full of activity; busy

4. someone who sells something

5. This document allows someone to travel to a foreign country.

7. One ________ followed in Japan is to bow when greeting someone.

9. It is ________ to be mainly interested in yourself rather than others.

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