Grade 3

Web Field Trip

Voyages in Cyberspace

Take a field trip without leaving your chair!

Print and fill out a Web Field Trip Log to show where you've been and what you learned.

Click here for the Web Field Trip Log.

The Space Place
How would you like to build your own rocket? Wouldn't it be fun to make a model of Saturn? On this Web Field Trip, you'll find a lot of great "spacey" activities, games, and puzzles. As a bonus, your journey will also lead you to many amazing space science facts.

GOALS: Global Online Adventure Learning Site
Here on Earth, take a voyage on the high seas. Step onto the deck of the sailboat Kyrnos for a two-year journey on the Pacific Ocean. Here you'll join the three Laffitte boys—Nicolas, Mathieu, and Lucas and their parents on the sailing adventure of a lifetime. You'll even find out what it's like to swim with sharks!