Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 4, Theme 2: American Stories: Boss of the Plains
Crossword Puzzle Clues


3. Business or occupation

5. Stiff hat with a round top and a narrow brim

8. Large straw hat with a wide brim

9. Someone who herds cattle or sheep

12. People who moved to a new part of the country to live and work

14. Rim of a hat

16. Area of land

17. Unexplored or unsettled land

19. Fenced area that holds cattle, horses, or other animals

20. Group of men who went West to seek gold in Colorado Territory

21. The number one reason Westerners needed hats


1. John's profession

2. Flat or rolling grassland in the West

4. What Westerners struck when they "struck it rich"

6. Inventor of the amazing hat

7. The hat that won the West

10. Place with "gold hills" in which John and his friends dug for riches

11. Where John went to start his own hat-making business

13. Material made from wet fur and wool, used to make hats

15. A cowboy or cowgirl

18. The Wild, Wild _________

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