Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 4, Theme 4: Problem Solvers: Marven of the Great North Woods
Crossword Puzzle Clues


2. Community of lumberjacks

6. Lumberjack game

9. Hebrew blessing

12. Ax swinger

17. Footwear for clomping through great north woods

18. Sleepiest of the loggers

19. Marven kept the warm ____in his cap till lunchtime.


1. What loggers ate by the stack

3. Bear that's best avoided

4. Marven's home state

5. Marven's job at the camp

7. Lumberjack

8. Disease that killed Marven's great-aunt Sadie

9. Each morning Marven went to the _____ to wake the snoring loggers.

10. Wood

11. Pile of chopped wood

13. Boy with a head for figures

14. As the ______ began to play, the loggers began to dance like frantic grizzly bears.

15. French for "hello!"

16. Marven's home town

17. Footwear for gliding through the great north woods

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