Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 4, Theme 5: Heroes: Happy Birthday, Dr. King!
Crossword Puzzle Clues


1. Dr. King was one of the greatest _______ of the twentieth century.

4. After Dr. King helped organize a _______ , many African Americans refused to ride city buses.

8. What Dr. King worked to achieve

10. Taken into police custody

14. Hero of the civil rights movement

17. A short performance

18. What Jamal got from the principal

19. Object to or complain about something


2. Both the words he spoke and the way he spoke them made Dr. King's ________ powerful and inspiring.

3. City where the famous bus ride took place

5. Dr. King's most famous speech

6. Where African Americans once had to sit

7. She was put in jail for sitting down.

9. The ___________ movement aimed to achieve equality for all.

11. Boy who turned something really stupid into something stupendous

12. Southern state

13. The school held an assembly to celebrate the famous man's ___________.

15. He got Jamal to do some hard thinking.

16. Jamal's little sister

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