Grade 4

Web Field Trip

Batter Up!

After reading Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man, soothe your baseball fever at the following Web sites. After you've visited each site, print and fill out a Web Field Trip Log to show where you've been and what you've learned.

Click here for the Web Field Trip Log.

New York Yankees: The Official Site
It's always a big game when the Yankees come to your hometown. Now you have the chance to visit the Yankees' home on their Web site. You can read a timeline history of the franchise, then jump back into the present and study the 2001 schedule and roster. A fascinating feature chronicles the rivalry between the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, and additional stories — all illustrated with great baseball photos — report on player statistics, trades, even who's on the injured list. And if you happen to root for someone other than the Yanks, you can link to a site just like this one for every other team in the big leagues!

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
Check out the baseball shrine's complete roster of Hall of Famers and Honorees, and take a virtual stroll through its exhibits and collections. You can listen to rebroadcasts of classic World Series games, check out the "3,000-Hit Club," and learn the history of the single-season home-run record. Click on the Research Library and find links to every Major League team's Web site, as well as tons of baseball trivia — including a list of ballplayers with Halloween-related nicknames!

Major League Baseball: The Official Site
Watch live coverage of games and see daily video footage and wire photos at this truly Major League site. You'll learn who's been traded where, and why; get advice on pitching from a Red Sox ace; and read interviews with baseball's best. In the dark of winter, you can take comfort in the site's daily countdown to spring training, and bide your time with a baseball crossword.