Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 4, Theme 6: Nature: Friend and Foe: Wildfires
Crossword Puzzle Clues


An area more than twice the size of Chicago burned on this day.

3. Out west, this is one of the first plants to appear after a forest fire.

5. He said, "Only you can prevent forest fires."

6. Device used to start small blazes and prevent large-scale fires

7. Common cause of forest fires

11. Without fire, this type of tree could not release its seeds.

12. High ______ can cause forest fires to spread out of control.

13. Just one of these is all it takes to start a flame.

17. Easily set on fire

18. A fire needs three things to burn: fuel, heat, and _______.

20. During a fire, _____ is released as heat and light.

21. Type of pine tree

22. Source of new life in the forest

23. Site of eight major fires in 1988


2. This can happen in a lab or in a forest.

4. Home to many wading birds, turtles, alligators, and saw-grass fires.

8. Many ____ need cycles of fires in order to grow.

9. Devoured or destroyed

10. Blaze battlers

13. Fire provides many sources of food to ______ such as bears, coyotes, and falcons.

14. On fire

15. Scorched or burned

16. A large fire that spreads quickly and is hard to put out

19. Florida burns more than a million acres of ______ every year.

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