Grade 5

Web Field Trip

Become a Weather Whiz

Take a field trip without leaving your chair! When you explore the sites below, you'll find tons of information about wild, wacky, and dangerous natural events. You'll also become savvier about the weather than your local weather person (who may have trouble predicting tomorrow's forecast).

After you've visited each site, print and fill out a Web Field Trip Log to show where you've been and what you've learned.

Click here for the Web Field Trip Log.

The Weather Channel
Learn about everything from tornadoes to your neighborhood's pollen count (achoo!) at this site devoted to all things weather-related. You can find the weather forecast for every part of the country — and every part of the world! — along with photos, news headlines, and even health information.

The Franklin Institute Online
Named after weather fanatic Benjamin Franklin, this science museum's online site features "Franklin's Forecast," which tells you how to be a "weather watcher," how to read radar images, even how to make your own weather station!