Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 5, Theme 2: Give It All You've Got: Michelle Kwan: Heart of a Champion
Crossword Puzzle Clues


3. Series of three difficult jumps

5. The organization that makes figure skating rules (abbreviation)

6. Besides skates, this is the most important requirement for skating.

8. Michelle liked working hard to reach her goals. As she said, "I love a _______."

11. Only multiple winner of the Skater of the Year Award

14. This is required for jumps and spins.

15. Becoming a top athlete demands _______ as well as talent.

16. A skater's long program is also called the _______.

17. Because she set such high goals for herself, Michelle faced a lot of ________ at an early age.

18. Michelle's choreographer

19. Presentation in front of an audience


1. Michelle's sport

2. A skater's technical program is also called the ______.

4. Michelle's coach

7. The panel of _____ gave the skater high scores for her flawless jumps.

9. Skater or other athlete who does not earn money for performing

10. Required skills that a skater performs in a competition

12. Test of skill or ability

13. Elegance, grace, and _______ are as important as technical skill in the long program.

16. Skaters must spend lots of time in the gym to make their muscles strong and _______.

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