Grade 5

Web Field Trip

Surfing Through History

What was life like in colonial times? You got a glimpse from reading And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? Now check out the sites below to learn much more about the people, places, and events of the swingin' 1700s.

After you've visited each site, print and fill out a Web Field Trip Log to show where you've been and what you've learned.

Click here for the Web Field Trip Log.

A Colonial Family and Community
This site invites you to be a "history detective" — you'll meet an ordinary colonial family and learn about daily life in the 1700s, and then you'll uncover the answers to questions about their world.

Colonial Kids
Here you can learn about colonial times from a kid's-eye view. Find out what children studied in school, the chores they did each day (this part is sure to make you glad you live now, not then!), what they wore, how their homes looked, and lots of other facts about life way back when. Then try out some of the fun activities!