Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 6, Theme 1: Courage: Climb or Die
Crossword Puzzle Clues


4. A ________________ is often located on mountain peaks because wind and other conditions can be easily measured there.

6. A metal spike hammered into rock or ice as a support for climbers

8. The combination of snow and freezing rain made climbing conditions ______ and treacherous.

11. A long, steep-sided valley or ditch

12. Large rocks

13. A tool used to support the upper body as climbers step upward.

14. We walked across the long, narrow _____ connecting one peak to another.

17. Only a few flakes fell as we began our climb, but then the flakes became a _______ and we could barely see the trail.

19. Ground

20. A firm or secure position


1. A high, steep, or overhanging face of rock

2. The most difficult climbing surface

3. From the mountain peak, we had a _______ view of the surrounding countryside.

5. A severe winter storm

7. Risk or peril

9. A metal ring used to attach a rope to a spike

10. The sport of climbing mountains

12. Climbers _____ each other with a rope that's attached to the ice or a rock.

15. Invent or make up using whatever is available

16. Gear

17. The highest point on a mountain

18. It was hard to get a grip on the steep, slippery ______.

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