Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 6, Theme 2: What Really Happened?: Dinosaur Ghosts
Crossword Puzzle Clues


4. Meat-eating animal

6. One theory states that an erupting _____ buried the dinosaurs.

8. The little dinosaurs had no protective ____ to shield them from their hungry enemies.

12. Scientist who studies prehistoric life

18. Framework of bones that supports the body of an animal

19. State in which the giant dinosaur grave was found

20. According to legend, the place where dinosaur fossils come out to play

21. Dry, cracked mud suggests that the dinosaurs died because of a ________.


1. Animal that preys on other animals

2. Tiny dinosaurs at the heart of a mystery

3. Scientific suggestion

5. Process by which material is worn away from the earth's surface

7. The carefully dug ______ contained hundreds of dinosaur bones.

9. Scientist who studies the earth

10. These reptiles resembled alligators and may have been snack food for other dinosaurs.

11. Part of an organism from a past geologic age

13. Studying the bones of _____ animals can help explain how they died.

14. Period of the earth's history that lasted from 245 to 208 million years ago

15. Type of poison that may have killed the tiny dinosaurs

16. Some scientists believe that an ______ fell from space and caused deadly changes in the earth's climate.

17. Could a _____ have caused the tiny dinosaurs to drown?

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