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Portrait of Avi

As a young person, Avi was very intelligent and loved to read. However, he was a very poor writer because, as he later found out, he had dysgraphia, a disorder that causes him to reverse letters or to badly misspell words as he writes. Still, he wanted to become a writer, and over time he improved in spite of the challenge he faced. Today, even though he has won many awards, he still misspells words and makes other writing mistakes, but he rewrites every story many times to try to catch them. Most important, he focuses on the story he wants to tell, not the mistakes he makes in telling it.

Avi enjoys telling many different kinds of stories — including mysteries, adventures, and fantasies — using many different forms. For example, his book City of Light, City of Dark is a novel-length comic book, the book "Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?" is written entirely in dialogue, and Keep Your Eye on Amanda first appeared in weekly installments in newspapers. Avi says he doesn't set out deliberately to be experimental. He simply looks for the best way to tell the story he has in mind.

Asked how he gets his ideas, Avi responds, "Everybody has ideas. The vital question is, what do you do with them? My rock musician sons shape their ideas into music. My sister takes her ideas and fashions them into poems. My brother uses his ideas to help him understand science. I take my ideas and turn them into stories. Now, what do you think you'll do with your ideas?" Think about your answer to Avi's question, and talk about it with a friend.

You can learn more about Avi at his Web site.

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  • "Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?"
  • Bright Shadow
  • The Barn
  • Poppy
    (illustrated by Brian Floca)
  • Beyond the Western Sea, Books 1 and 2
  • Poppy and Rye
    (illustrated by Brian Floca)
  • What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything? And Other Stories
    (illustrated by Tracy Mitchell)
  • Keep Your Eye on Amanda!
    (illustrated by David Wisniewski)
  • Perloo the Bold
    (illustrated by Marcy Reed)
  • Ragweed
    (illustrated by Brian Floca)
  • Encounter at Easton
  • Ereth's Birthday
    (illustrated by Brian Floca)
  • Captain Grey
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